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Brake Products:

13″ Brake Upgrade for 88 Fieros:


Hardware – 13″ Brake Upgrade for 88 Fieros:


Suspension Products:

Lateral Link Relocation Brackets for 88 Fiero:


Rear Coilover Spring Hardware 84-88 Fiero:


Assembled Rear Coilover Kit  84-88 Fiero:

$595 (KYB) to $925 (KONI)

Engine Products:

LS4 Starter Mount:


LS4 N0 A/C Accessory Brackets:


LS4 Multi-port Oil Bypass Plate:


LS(x) Coolant Housing:

Under Development

LS(x) Accessory Drive w/ A/C & Mechanical Water Pump:

Under Development

Transmission Products:

F40 6-speed Shift Bracket:


F40 6-speed Reverse Lockout:


F40 6-speed Shifter Kit:


F23/F40 Clutch Line Connector:


F40 Final Drive/Gear Ratio Upgrade:

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