The Fiero was designed as a commuter car, so its brake system is moderate at best. Once you add larger/heavier wheels and tires, perform and engine swap and double or triple the stock HP of the Fiero, upgrade your sound system, interior or exterior with heavier components, or just like to drive your car like a performance car, then you might want to consider a brake upgrade.

Brake kit design philosophy:
Retain as much of the stock brake system as possible while using larger rotors to increase mechanical advantage and improve fade resistance.

This keeps the stock brake bias and parking brake, reduces the number of parts and overall cost of the kit, and simplifies the overall installation.

13″ Brake Kit for 88 Fiero: $640

18″ Wheel w/ 13″ Rotor:

18″ Wheel w/ stock Fiero Rotor:

13″ Brake Kit – Harware Only: $350

This brake kit was developed in 2011 with the goal of finding the largest and best fitting rotor for the 88’s that would maximize braking force with the fewest new parts needed while also retaining the stock brake bias and parking brake function. The rotors used in this kit are from the GM Lambda platform (4 rear rotors):

• 2007–2010 Saturn Outlook
• 2007–2016 GMC Acadia
• 2008–present Buick Enclave
• 2009–present Chevrolet Traverse

Benefits of kit:
• Use of stock calipers, brake hoses, and parking brake cables keeps cost to a minimum
• Stock brake bias and parking brake function retained
• 25% increase in brake rotor diameter for improved visual impact behind 17+” wheels
• 33% increase in brake system mechanical advantage due to caliper being further from wheel center
• 19% increase in rotor/pad surface area to reduce potential for brake fade
• Available in Drilled/Slotted w/Zinc coating to minimize additional weight and improve appearance
• No interference issues between the rotor/caliper and the front suspension a-arms when used with stock ball joints

• Use of this brake kit with Rodney’s Lowering Ball-Joints is not recommended due to interference with lower a-arm
• Weight – this kit adds about 6.5 lbs per corner vs. stock
• Wheel Requirements – this kit requires 17+” wheels

Kit Contents:
• 4 – 13” rotors drilled to the 5x100mm pattern
• 4 – steel caliper brackets to relocate the stock brake calipers, painted flat black
• 4 – plastic expandable concentric rings
• 8 – grade 10.9 M12 bolts
• 1 – strip of sand paper
• 1 – aluminum brake cable sleeve extension
• 1 – steel brake cable end coupler, painted flat black