Fiero Trailer

My version:
In 2004 I proposed to my girlfriend of 6 years and we decided that our honeymoon would be the 2005 Hot Rod Power Tour from Madison, Wi to Kissimmee, FL and then spend another 5 days in FL. The only issue with this plan was that the Fiero didn't have much luggage space. So after seeing a picture of a wedge shaped trailer made from Fiero chassis and body panels, I decided to build a Fiero trailer based on the GT panels. I wanted to maximize the available storage in the trailer but keep the stock panel mounting system to keep things simple. So I cut the front and rear sections from a parts car, removed all the metal that wasn't needed (but kept the front/rear steel bumpers to support the fascias) and added some sheet metal to attach the two halves. Then I fabricated a trailer frame from 2x2x1/8" tube and mounted the trailer body to it. The interior was trimmed in 16ga panels with the floor dropped down below the trailer frame to maximize the space. Once all the metal work was done, the panels were installed and grafted together.