About Us


We are a small company dedicated to improving the overall performance of the Pontiac Fiero. We design, develop, manufacture and sell aftermarket brake, suspension, engine and transmission upgrade components for the Pontiac Fiero.

Research and Development is our primary purpose as we look to improve the various aspects of Fiero performance. Most of the in house machining and metal fabrication equipment is used for prototyping purposes. Once a product is developed and ready to be sold, we use local state-of-the-art CNC facilities to laser cut and machine all the different parts in bulk to reduce costs and turnaround time.

So why do we focus on Fieros?
The simple answer is they appeal to us from an engineering aspect. They have plastic/composite panels, 2 seats, mid-engine, 4 wheel independent suspension, 4 wheel disk brakes, stiff chassis, 5 star crash rating, weigh about 2700-2800 lbs, and don’t have ABS, Airbags, BCM, or other electrical complications. They are neat, simple, little, cars but are under-powered with marginal braking and handling.