The suspension on the Fieros is pretty basic with upper/lower a-arms in the front and strut based suspension in the rear. Within the suspension category, there are products we sell as well as products we open sourced the information for the benefit of the Do It Yourself enthusiast. Only the products we sell are shown on this page, please see the DIY section for the open sourced information on:

  • 88 Front Lowering
  • 88 Rear Rod End Lateral Links
  • 88 Strut Mount Relocation

Lateral Link Relocation Kit – 88 Fiero: $350

The lateral link relocation kit was designed as a bolt-on solution to correct the geometry issues when you lower the rear of an 88 Fiero. The relocation bracket bolts to the rear upright and relocates the connection locations of the lateral links (and trailing link) downward 1 1/2″. This kit essentially converts your stock rear knuckle to a 1 1/2″ dropped knuckle.

Lateral Link Relocation Kit:

Lateral Link Brackets Installed:

Fiero Lowered 1 1/2″ – Links point downward

Lateral Link Brackets Installed:

When this kit is installed on a Fiero that is lowered 1 1/2″ you see the following impact:

  • Camber curve remains stock (1.3 degree gain in 6 degree roll)
  • CG is lowered 1 1/2″ (good thing)
  • RC is lowered 1/2″ (good thing)
  • Lever arm between the CG and RC is reduced 7% from stock and 23% from the lowered 1 1/2″

You keep the stock camber curve, but have less roll, so the tire contact patch remains larger, and you have more available lateral traction.

Components of kit:

  • 2  Steel Relocation Brackets
  • 4  M14 bolts – grade 10.9 – 2 long 2 short
  • 2  M14 nuts – grade 10.9
  • 2  M12 bolts – grade 10.9
  • 2  M12 nuts – grade 10.9
  • 1 – Installation Instructions

Rear Coilover Hardware Kit for 84-88 Fieros: $195

This kit supplies supplies everything, except the struts and springs, to convert your rear struts to coilovers.

Rear Coilover Kit Components:

Removal of Spring Perch:

Koni Strut Cap Modification:

Installation requires removal of the stock spring perch with a hand held grinder or lathe. For Koni struts the threaded cap at the top of the strut body also needs to be ground down for clearance.

Assembled Rear Coilover Hardware Kit for 84-88 Fieros: $595 (KYB) to $925 (Koni)

For those who don’t want the hassle of modifying their current struts for adjustable coilovers, we do offer fully assembled kits that include the fully modified strut as well as springs with your specified spring rate.

Fully Assembled Rear Coilovers:

With these kits you can choose:

  • Spring Rate: 250 to 450 lb/in is typical range
  • Spring Length: 10″ or 12″
  • Coilover Sleeve Placement: on top of spring perch weld bead or on top of knuckle mounting ears