The rear suspension on an 88 Fiero is greatly improved from the 84-87 version, but it is still only marginal at best. The largest issue is the significant lack of negative camber gain in roll. For 6 degrees of chassis roll, the rear tire will role 4.7 degrees in the same direction so there is only 1.3 degrees of negative camber gain.

Lowering the rear of an 88 just makes the suspension geometry worse. Lowering the rear 1 1/2″ has the following impact:

  • Center of Gravity lowered 1 1/2″ (good thing)
  • Roll Center is lowered 4.2″ (bad thing)
  • Lever arm between the CG & RC increases by 16% (which makes the car roll easier)


Lateral Link Relocation Kit:

Lateral Link Brackets Installed:

Fiero Lowered 1 1/2″ – Links point downward

Lateral Link Brackets Installed:

The lateral link relocation kit was designed as a bolt-on solution to correct the geometry issues when you lower the rear of an 88 Fiero. The relocation bracket bolts to the rear upright and relocates the lateral links (and trailing link) downward 1 1/2″. When this kit is installed on a Fiero that is lowered 1 1/2″ you see the following impact:
•  Camber curve remains stock (1.3 degree gain in 6 degree roll)
•  CG is lowered 1 1/2″ (good thing)
•  RC is lowered 1/2″ (good thing)
•  Lever arm between the CG and RC is reduced 7% from stock and 23% from the lowered 1 1/2″
You keep the stock camber curve, but have less roll, so the tire contact patch remains larger, so you have more available lateral traction.

Components of kit:
•  2  Steel Relocation Brackets
•  4  M14 bolts – grade 10.9 – 2 long 2 short
•  2  M14 nuts – grade 10.9
•  2  M12 bolts – grade 10.9
•  2  M12 nuts – grade 10.9
• 1 – Installation Instructions