4.3L CPI/4T60

This is the 4.3L CPI swap I did in one of my 88 Fieros for my daily commuter. At the time I already had the Ramjet 350/Getrag swap as my fun toy and the 2.8 engine in this 88 was in sad shape with near zero oil pressure. So the goals of this swap were to be cheap, fuel efficient, and fun. This is one of the few swaps that I performed where the engine remained bone stock with cast iron manifolds and the car itself remained nearly 100% stock with the exception of the swap. It was a no frills swap, but I did want it to look decent.

The engine came from my daily driver Bravada after a deer forced it into retirement. I had done a lot of maintenance to the engine over the years and was confident it would be reliable.

I purchased a used Zumalt style SBC kit from eBay, but only ended up using the adapter plate. Everything else for the swap, engine/transmission mounts, flex plate, accessory drive, throttle brackets, coolant routing, oil filter relocation bracket, exhaust, and harness, were all fabricated. The factory ecm was retained as well.

This swap provided 24-26 mpg on my daily commute and 32 mpg on the interstate. It was a fun car, but I never really cared for the 4T60 (I prefer manuals). Had I done this swap with a 5 speed, then I would likely still have the car, but such is life. After about 25K miles of use, I sold it to start the LS4/F40 swap.

Here are a bunch of pictures taken during the swap: