4.9/Isuzu/7730 ecm

In 2008 I did my first swap for a customer. He had a very minimal budget and didn’t want the swap to be flashy. I challenged myself with this swap to improve on the cluttered look the 4.9’s have in stock form and I wanted the engine to be cleaner and have less visible clutter than my first 4.5 swap. I used the 7730 ecm in this swap and tuned it for the 4.9.

• No A/C, so mounted the alternator down low
• Truck TBI with IAC installed 180 degrees from normal to retain EGR
• Bent hard fuel and vacuum lines to follow fuel rails
• Replaced stock thermostat housing with fabricated one based off Fiero fill/thermostat housing
• Custom harness to hide as much of it from view
• Moved 500 connector under rear window glass
• Hid wiring pass through with fabricated metal panel
• Use of 88 lateral link as dogbone to the cradle
• 1” pipe for coolant cross over tube
• Custom fabricated air intake housing
• Used of S10 air filter box on passenger side