Ramjet SBC/HTOB Getrag/7730 ecm

I was driving the SBC/Carb swap quite a bit, but wanted fuel injection and more power. In 2005 A local circle track shop built me a 87+ roller cam 350, bored .060”, 10.2:1 compression and vortec heads. I installed the ZZ4 roller camshaft, assembled the rest of the engine and purchased the RamJet PFI intake assembly from GM performance parts. This swap is what got me started tuning OBD1 ecms. Once the engine was ready, I removed the old SBC installation and installed the new one retaining some aspects of the previous installation as well as making some changes.

This swap had many upgrades over the 5 years and 40K miles I had it.
• 2 x 3 crossmembers front/rear – got tired of cracking the stock cradle cross-members
• Solid Engine and transmission Mounts – got tired of reworking bending mounts
• 1992-1994 HTOB Getrag 5 speed
• 3” cold air intake
• Mechanical belt-driven water pump using offset housings – first major fabrication project
• Use of Tru-Ram cast stainless steel exhaust manifolds
• Relocated 500 connector to the center console are and rerouted the taillight harness outside of the engine bay
• Aluminum firewall plate

This swap dyno'd at 282 whp and 317 wtq and delivered 17 mpg on my daily commute and 22-23 mpg on the interstate. After about 5 years and 40K miles, I wanted more power and a 6 speed transmission. At the same time the L31 in my truck went bad (intake leak/spun bearings) and that was all the reason I needed to take the Fiero engine and put it in my truck. I parted out the rest of the swap and used the proceeds to get some milling equipment, more tools and a 6 speed manual transmission for my next swap.