383 SBC/Getrag/Pro-Flo




In the middle of 2011 I was approached by another person to install a SBC swap for him. He purchased a complete SBC/Getrag dropout that had already been installed in a Fiero and wanted it installed into his 88 Fiero. This swap already has a lot of high end parts on it, I focused my efforts on cleaning up the overall look of the engine while performing the swap. The before and after pics really show the difference:

What makes this swap special:

• Custom solid engine/transmission mounts using stock cradle cross-members
• Custom serpentine accessory drive upgrade with belt tensioner
• 1” pipe for coolant crossover
• Custom harness to minimize visible wires
• Reworked/rerouted hoses – extensive use a AN fittings and braided stainless steel hoses
• Relocated the coil and MAP sensor to be more hidden and flipped the fuel rail 180 degrees