SBC/F23/HSR/24x OBD2



This is another customer’s car. He asked me to rework his existing SBC/F23/Carb swap and convert it to fuel injection and serpentine accessory drive, and put some overall refinement into it like my LS4/F40 swap had. Things that make this swap special:

• EFI Connection 24x conversion kit – reluctor wheel, sensor, timing cover and cam sensor housing
• Cradle notched for F23 clearance and the drivetrain lowered
• Custom solid transmission mounts and reworked Archie engine mount
• Serpentine accessory drive conversion with tensioner
• Custom 1” pipe coolant crossover tube
• Custom adapter plate to relocate IAC for clearance to distributor cover
• Custom throttle cable bracket
• Custom fabricated headers with Jet hot coating
• Custom F23 shifter bracket and cleaned up the previous welds on the shifter linkage
• Custom coil relocation brackets
• Custom bent hard lines for PCV system
• 4” cold air intake tube with LS7 MAF mounting bracket
• Custom shifter brackets
• Smooth firewall panel
• Removed the hinge boxes and used custom hinges to support the decklid
• 500 connector harness and tail light harness removed from engine bay
• Custom Stainless steel 3" exhaust with Vibrant resonator, Magnaflow cross flow muffler, and Wicked Flow resonator tips.

And probably a few other things I have forgotten...