In 2002 I started on my very first non-stock engine swap into a Fiero. The engine was a 1990 4.5 Cadillac V8. It had about 200hp and weighed about the same as the 140 hp vireo V6. Prior to this swap I had swapped many SBC’s for SBC’s in other vehicles, and swapped Fiero engines and transmission between Fieros, but this was the first time I had to figure out the mounting, hose routing and harness work.

The fab work on this swap was pretty amateur, but my skills and equipment were limited to basic cutting of metal, drilling holes and welding.

The two interesting parts of this build was the use of a FWD 2.5” alternator bracket for use to tighten the belt and the used of a 2.8L Engine mount turns 90 degrees and will a leg welded to it for the engine mount.

My skills have come a long way since then.