Fiero transmissions are 30+ years old and finding low mile units is becoming increasingly difficult. Additionally, none of them were know to be excessively strong, so many people have started swapping in newer transmissions.

While Fieroguru Performance LLC has performed transmission swaps using the 92-94 HTOB Getrag 5 speed, F23 5 Speed, and the F40 6 speed, most of our R&D efforts and subsequent product offerings are focused on the F40 6-speed but occasionally there will be a part that will interchange.


92-94 HTOB Getrag

F23 5-Speed

F40 6-Speed

F40 6-speed Shifter Bracket: $95

This bracket is designed to be used with a stock Fiero 5-speed shifter, Isuzu Shift cable, and Getrag Select cable. The cables are clamped into position with machined shaft collars, so they will never vibrate loose or break free. The bracket is made from 1/8″ steel and has a triangulated design making it strong enough to withstand aggressive shifting.

F40 6-speed Reverse Lockout: $45

Neither the F40 nor the Fiero 5-speed shifter have a reverse lockout, so this bolt-on assembly was developed. It bolts to the 5-speed shifter using an existing hole and the spring placement is adjustable. With this bracket you will need to compress the spring to asses the reverse gate. No modification to the shifter is needed.

F40 6-speed Shifter Kit: $370

All the parts you need to shift the F40 transmission with a Fiero 5-speed shifter with a simple bolt-on installation w/o needing any modifications. Strength, durability and ease of installation are key features of this kit.

F40 Final Drive/Gear Ratio Swap: Contact for pricing

The MT2 version of the F40 is found in the 2006 Pontiac G6 and is commonly used in Fiero engine swaps because it has the GM Metric bellhousing and bolts up to most GM FWD engines.

For high torque engine swaps, the gear ratios of the MT2 F40 work, but are not ideal. Fortunately, the F40 has been used in 20+ different models across the Fiat, Saab, Pontiac, Buick, Opel, Vauxhall, Alfa Romeo, and Lancia brands. The gear sets are largely interchangeable, so you can mix individual gear ratios (1st & 2nd are swapped as a pair) as well as swap final drives to create a F40 that better matches your engine and application.

This conversion requires 2 complete transmission, both transmission need to be disassemble to swap the parts, and some gear sets are only available in Europe so the donor transmission must be imported… all of these factors drive up the cost of this upgrade.

F40/F23 Clutch Line Connector: $45

This clutch line connector was designed to accept the stock Fiero clutch line on one side, and has the late-model GM hydraulic quick disconnect on the other. This makes the clutch hydraulics connection with either the F23 5-Speed or the F40 6-Speed plug & play.